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[17 Jun 2003|01:27pm]
wow some of you people are really fucking retarded and i hope you choke on a rusty nail and die.

i'd really like to know how this whole i'm jeana/jeana is me thing started because i haven't been around to hear about it until this morning.

and where is this comment that supposedly i fucked up on or whatever bullshit steph said? (not stephkitty btw, hi baby)

people really, go out, get lives, stop pulling such shit out of your asses for your own twisted amusement.
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[08 Jun 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | whatever ]

you think i talk about my boyfriend too much? well i'm sorry if i feel like posting about someone who really means alot to me and not just random bullshit. actually no, i'm not sorry. peace.

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[22 Apr 2003|02:11am]
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[17 Mar 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

yes i am jumping on this survey bandwagon k.

three's the magic numberCollapse )

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[29 Sep 2002|01:18pm]
this journal is friends only. if you think you might be cool enough for me to add you then comment here, but you're probably wrong.
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